Pre-nursery is a 4 week programme to introduce children and their parents to the nursery.  Pre-nursery provides opportunities to build positive relationships with staff, parents and children and to seek advice and support from other professionals.  There will also be the opportunity to explore the nursery environment and guidance on what resources help children’s learning and development.  The sessions will provide parents with an understanding of the learning and development that occurs at nursery.

Different adults from the nursery setting will attend each session so that parents and children have the opportunity to meet all of the adults.  There will be time to ask and answer questions and at least 30 minutes free playing in nursery each week.

The Pre-nursery programme will begin with an opening session, introducing you to the setting and staff, the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, the 7 areas of learning as well as an explanation of free nursery entitlement and how this can be taken flexibly as well as wrap around care.  There will also be the opportunity to think about what questions you
have.  These may be answered at this initial meeting, or will be included in the learning programme.

At the end of the programme, there will be a short evaluation session. How has the programme helped you prepare your children for nursery?  What further help and support do you need?