Puddle room caters for children from the age of 0 until they are confident walkers when they will move into Rock pool room. Sometimes this is their first experience of interacting with other children and parents will find their child developing very rapidly in both their confidence and ability. Children build up a close relationship with their key person who will support and fulfil their learning and care needs. Children are offered a safe and stimulating environment where they can access activities which are aimed to support the three prime areas of development; personal, social & emotional development, communication & language and physical development. Children can engage in a wide range of creative activities which range from early mark making experiences to messy play activities allowing children to explore using their senses. Children have access to the outdoor environment which gives children the opportunity to explore, use their senses and can be physically challenged whilst being supported by our experienced learning and care practitioners.

Red Lines of Learning

During the course of this year the basic skills that we expect children of this age to master, so that they are ready for Rock Pool Room are as follow:

PSED Physical/ handwrite Read Communication and Language Write Maths Science
Build a relationship with special people. Walk confidently. Share a book, song or rhyme with an adult. Respond to name. Make own marks. Conservation of existence. Explores with mouth.